I'm a stay at home mom to 3 wild kids, and a wife to my amazing husband, Dustin. I love documenting every second of our life- every outing, milestone, new outfit, everything! My husband and kids LOVE it! (not really, but they will appreciate it one day).

Heres some random facts about me:

When my husband first asked me out on a date, I told him "no". Then he tried to meet up with my best friend to "talk about me", so I took back my "no" and said "fine". Now we're married with 3 kids.
(Avery 5yrs. Aiden & Landon 3yr. twins)

I'm Korean. I'm terrible at math.

In high school, I ran into a parked car with one of my girlfriends car in the school parking lot, and that has forever affected my depth perception.   

I can't memorize song lyrics for the life of me. I try, but I fail miserably. So I make them up as I go, and I'm SO off. My husband is amazed every time he hears what I come up with.


Photo by: oak and iron photography

Hi! I'm Grace!!